War Child
War Child
In Private Collection
17 by 15 by 13 in.
Acrylic on Stone-fired Clay

Copyright © 1991 Daisy Harriette Heisler    Zoom Image

Year Created:1991

A child of war in CLAY FIRED TO STONE. This child was originally a child of poverty but it blew up into many pieces, due to a malfuntioning kiln, on the morning of the first bombing by the USA in the Gulf War. She/he is patched together again and painted with acrylic and varnished. He/she became the War Child.

Artist's Comments: 

This child of war insisted on being built. I was trying to make a madonna and child but the clay just kept moving in the direction of this child, almost by magic. It was a very unsettling experience but this child has been well loved by many people since.

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